I am Mari Susanna, 27-year-old Finnish woman based in Espoo Finland. I am a master of economics in international business, and have been working in the field of supply chain management in a multinational company for the past three years. Despite being somewhat ambitious about my career, I strongly believe that work does not define me or anyone else, and therefore it should not be the only thing to accomplish or to be proud of in life.

To me, life is all about experiences, emotions and enthusiasm. The people who you are with, the experiences you are able to gather along the way, the emotions – both positive and negative – that come and go, and the enthusiasm towards things that you love to do. Those are the key elements for achieving a fulfilling life.

In this site, you can find the elements of experiences, emotions and enthusiasm from the perspective of my life. This is the place where I share stories about my daily life and travels. I also want to take you with me in the journey of discovering mindfulness.

I am more than happy that you have found my site. Welcome to follow my journey!

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